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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A massive list of beer bloggers around the world

Working with the beer blogger conference, both in Colorado and London, Zephyr Adventures are working on making a massive list of citizen beer bloggers around the world. So far they have almost 1000 beer bloggers in the list and it's growing all the time. I'm currently working with Mark Dredge (at Pencil & Spoon) trying to organize the Scandinavian sponsors and beer bloggers to attend the conference in London later this spring.
If you want to be on that list follow this link, and post a comment.
I'm constantly working on making this blog the most complete starting point for anyone interested in the US beer scene and will do my best to cover the 600+ American beer blogs from that list.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The first virtual beer tasting in US?

Tonight the first virtual beer tasting (at least of Colorado brewed beers) will take place. The tasting is  arranged by Zephyr Adventures and will be a Facebook event where the participants can comment simultaneously about the beers. Earlier this year I was involved in a swedish virtual beer tasting over FB and it was a huge success, at least among the participants.
Check out the details at the above link to see how you can join in. See ya at FB tonight?

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